Interfrench Silicon Valley is headed by a team of managers who make their best to organize the professional francophile community and maintain regular Business meetings

Management Team

Olivier Minkowski

Olivier has over 10 years’ practice throughout Europe, the Middle East and North America. His expertise in Software Quality, IT Governance, Risk Management and Process Optimization benefited companies in the Telecom industry, TV/Multimedia and in the online advertising sector.

Earlier in his career, Olivier served in an IDF Chief of Staff Analytical Crew and as a student, he started his own computer support and training business for university academic staff. Mr. Minkowski is a Certified Information System Auditor (CISA). He holds a Bachelor degree in International Relations from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and a Masters degree in Diplomacy and Security from the Tel-Aviv University. Recently, Mr. Minkowski contributed to continuous study trainings at Stanford University.

 Régis Danon

Regis is a specialist in medical devices Industry with a substantial experience in sales and product consulting by France-Israel and USA .
Earlier in his career, Regis fonded two companies in France. He has over 10 years of experience of Sales in an international environment, a strong experience with very highly technical health products, and the ability to lead complex sales with multiple decision making. Regis hold a Master Degree in Finance from University of Paris and a Master Degree in marketing from University of Grenoble

 Ale Gicqueau

 Ale est le cofondateur d’Interfrench, de SiliconFrench et de l’executive Club, avec Pierre-Jean CHARRA
Ale is a French entrepreneur in the Silicon Valley. After starting his career at IBM in the software industry, he held a number of management positions in Silicon Valley start-ups during the dot com euphoria. After the bubble burst, his efforts to develop an effective networking business platform for French-speaking professionals lead to the creation and development of InterFrench. Over the last 7 years, over 100 business networking events were organized for over 10,000 French Speaking Professionals and 500 Executives. His extensive network gave birth to TheBusinessBridge, a management consulting corporation that provides direct and easy access to Silicon Valley via the French expat community. His consulting to French regions such as Provence lead to the return of French entrepreneurs and the creation of many jobs in France. He also helped French start-ups expand to the Silicon Valley and provided customized executive visits to French industry leaders (Socpresse, Bouygues, BIC, Altran, AXA, Auchan, Lafarge, BNP, EDF, Thales, Total, Societe Generale, L’Oreal). More recently, he founded ClinDataTools, a software company that specializes in clinical data solutions to the pharmaceutical and biotech industries – Ale Gicqueau holds an engineering degree from École Centrale Paris and a Master of Science from UC Davis.

 Angelika Blendstrup

 Angelika Blendstrup, Ph.D., is the founder and principal of Blendstrup & Associates. She holds a Ph.D. in Bilingual, Bicultural Education from Stanford University and speaks five languages. Angelika is a business communications consultant who helps foreign-born executives with problems understanding the complexities of American business culture and the English language to communicate effectively. In particular, she helps them improve their written and oral communication skills, and prepares them for media interviews and works on reducing their accents. Her clients include Fujitsu, A&D, DreamWorks/PDI, Tibco, Roche, and Sun MicroSystems. Angelika has traveled extensively throughout Europe and Latin America and speaks Spanish and Portuguese, as well as French and German. Angelika Blendstrup holds a PhD in bilingual, bicultural education from Stanford University, a masters in comparative literature from UC Berkeley and a BA in foreign languages and educational psychology from the University of Tübingen, Germany.